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The expanding RoeRoe family
No we're not fat up :-)

After two years of rattling in our big case, Roe and Roe decided it was time for some new hardware, some RAM or a new processor. After some calling around we found ourselves a decent supplier with ample experience. They had expanded their systems extensively. The stock was small but exactly right.

Below you can see the motherboard and the source code of our acquisition, as well as an example of the exhausting coding & debug phases.

Motherboard is a Balinese, a Siamese plumetail on the left.

On the right is the sourcecode, a Somali, which is a plumetailed Abyssinian, named 'Doerak'

The debug phase,
how many child processes
can you detect?
And now for the pictures!
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last updated: woensdag, 8 mei 2002